Sunday, May 20, 2018

the Cincinnati Zoo writes about conservation and visting gorillas


The Cincinnati Zoo writes about conservation, and about visiting gorillas in the Congo.


April 25, 2018


This is one of a few things that I've made specifically for Instagram.  BadAssCrossStitch is someone I "know" from Instagram.  She asked the people who follow her on IG to embroider our jeans' pockets with statements that would protest intellectual-property theft, photograph them, and put them on Instagram with a #reBUTTal hashtag.  If you are on Instagram, and check out the #reBUTTal hashtag, you'll see hundreds of embroidered pockets.

ineedorange -- @badasscrossstitch  made a fine sign for the Women’s March. Some sleazy clothing manufacturer took her words and put them on the rear pocket of skin tight jeans, without a by-your-leave. This is a bit of ammunition for her ongoing “negotiations” with them.  #reBUTTal

This is the first embroidery I'd done in decades.  I wanted it to show up, so I chose the palest embroidery floss I could find (at home), and used chain stitch so the lines were fat.  The yellow is just plain sewing thread.  I left the pocket on the jeans, which was faster in the long run, but somewhat harder to manage.  Especially at the bottom of the pocket!  I drew white lines with a ruler and a white pencil for a bit of guidance to keep the lettering sort of straight, and sort of an even size......  And then I winged it.

I don't actually have any desire to draw attention to my jeans pockets, so this is a pair of jeans so old that one leg has been almost entirely cannibalized for patches to repair other pairs of jeans......  But the top is whole, and I could put them on for the pic.

The original (by the song's writer).  I loved Lesley Gore (the first single I ever bought was "It's my Party"), but somehow I missed this song back in the day.  I wish I'd known it then.  I wish every girl knew it.

I love this version, too.

Running errands.  Visiting a new-to-me grocery.  Excellent clouds, and that highest white dot is the moon.


April 24, 2018


Reflections on the pond in West Park.  That yellow stripe is padding on the top of the fence around the softball field.  (A Cadillac of ball fields, no matter that it is hardly ever used by ball players....)

I had lunch with my quilting buddy, K.  It's always good to have a chance to get together and catch up!

Walking home.  This magnolia was thinking seriously about blooming.

A good look at all the fuzz.....

I took at least six shots of the blurry bud in the foreground, and in every instance the phone camera focused on what was behind the bud, rather than the bud itself.  Sigh.

They are re-working the section of 5th Ave. that is near the farmers' market.  Seriously tearing it up and (apparently) replacing everything under it.  I surely hope the new road lasts a good long time!

Looking east from the corner of 5th and Catherine.

Looking back along 5th toward where I stood to take the prev. 

The block of Detroit Street beside the farmers' market is blocked to traffic so they can store ... stuff.  Note pallets of piping.

I thought it was kind of weird that there were multiple sizes of pipe bundled together.  Wondering about the programming that drove the robot that (I presume) loaded this pallet......

When I got close, I noticed that I could only see all the way through one pipe at a time.  I like all the different curves.

Almost every time I go downtown I pick up A LOT of trash.  There is WAY more trash downtown than in my neighborhood, and campus is even worse.

Some of the stuff on the ground got there by accident.  Pretty sure no one meant to toss these saw blades (still in their packaging) into the gutter.  I suspect they fell into the snow, and no one knew what happened to them.

This stuff, on the other hand.............  Pretty sure some bunch of dirtbags deliberately tossed these in the park.  >:-(

Some of this is from the park, some not.  (Note saw-blade packaging.)

I'm thinking I'm going to start calling these manufacturers out.  They need to be part of the solution.  Recyclable packaging?  Donation of trashbins?  Subsidy of the cost of emptying trash bins?

"I picked up YOUR TRASH.  Please be part of the solution to this problem!"

The contents of my recycle bin.  Yes, that sparkly (rusty) long piece of metal was a twirling baton (I removed the rubber thing off one end before recycling the metal).  There are about three things in this bin that originated at our house (and I don't think any of them are visible, under the trash I picked up).

We went to the grocery.  You didn't see any of this at the grocery when I was a kid.  Cool that we can now get at least a dozen sorts of peppers now that I didn't even know existed when I was a kid.


April 23, 2018



Saturday, May 19, 2018

last year -- May 19, 2017


Last year on May 19 we left Michigan for our Grand Canyon Expedition.  I hope that all the posts are linked from one to the next beginning with the post linked in the previous sentence.  (If you find any that aren't, please let me know.)

Here's one pic from May 19, 2017.....

I don't know where this is, but you can see how dry it is down there...........


April 22, 2018


Flamingos and "perlie" bead star, in light reflected through mini-blinds.

Red maple flowers.

Looking west at the pond in west park.  There is a heron in the pond.  And a goose.

Closeup of prev.  Heron at left, goose (standing on a rock) at right.

The heron walked over to the north edge of the pond, and caught a fish.  An advantage to most of the fish in this pond being orange is that it's easy to see when a heron has caught a fish.

Even when the pic is as bad as this one, we can see the orange.

One of my favorite gardens on 7th Street.  (Note to self -- plant cute little daffodils next fall....)


I picked up trash in the park.  Most of the trash everywhere is about things people put in their mouths.

I don't suppose there are litterbugs in the audience.

But just in case -- Listen up, trash-dropping dirtbags -- if you can carry it to the park, you can carry it over to the trash bin and dispose of it properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And being drunk is no excuse for littering.


April 21, 2018


On April 21 we ate at the new(ish?) Tibetan restaurant near the Ann Arbor-Saline road Target.  I really liked the vegetable stew I had.  Interestingly spiced, full of veggies, with small dumplings/fat-noodles.  I look forward to eating it again.

When we left the restaurant, the eastern sky ahead of us looked like this.

Turning to the left, the northern sky looked like this.

Turning left again, toward the west and the restaurant.  Wow..........

A vertical shot of the same two pointy bits above.  Note moon near upper left corner.

Just a bit to the right of the previous.........

The Pittsfield branch of the library is on our way home.  We needed to drop off a book.

Looking west from the library............. 

So glad we were out and about.  You can't see big views of the sky from our house.


Friday, May 18, 2018

April 20, 2018


If you love knitting and/or ingenuity and/or perseverance and/or paying it forward and/or good strong female characters, I bet you will like this sweet book.

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman -- strongly recommended.  :-)


April 19, 2018


Sunlight through a glass doorknob.

With this post I am now within one month of being caught up on this blog, for the first time since May 19 of last year!  Yay.  A not-so-small triumph!  And, at this moment, there are no many-photo days between me and the goal line.  Yay.


April 18, 2018




April 17, 2018




April 16, 2018


Enjoying my small triumphs where I find them.  Clementine peeling in one piece.

Pleased with the detail the phone camera captured.


April 15, 2018


I would say this was the nastiest morning we had this winter.  It doesn't look that bad, but this is freezing rain.

Ice on the shrubs.

Later in the day it turned to rain, and in the afternoon it seemed safe to walk (no ice on the pavement).

There were pieces of fallen ice everywhere.  They look like plastic (reflective).  There was not as much trash to pick up as it seemed.

This is a pretty big piece of ice (at least an inch wide).  We can see something of the shape of the branch it formed on.

Reflections on a puddle.


April 13, 2018


I pick up trash when I walk.  On April 13 I found some things I'd never found before.

Naked lady.  Rolled, folded, and with significant water damage.

Envelope which brought a letter from Spain to Ann Arbor.

Whatever that red thing is.  Cupcake decoration?

Feathers and receipts are common.  Clean receipts get recycled, filthy ones get thrown away.  I have a collection of feathers..............

This is my first trash collage pic.